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Hitmen South Volleyball Club

Why Play For Us?

  • We provide the same proven training from our main Hitmen program, now available to players  in the South suburbs!
  • Elite coaching based on the US National Team/High Performance programs
  • Dedicated college recruitment team & resources/connections
  • Strength and conditioning regimen designed by certified personal trainers
  • Video coaching and feedback (both individual and team focused)
  • Statistical tracking and analysis
  • Personalized player evaluations at the beginning, middle, and end of the season

Club Goals & Objectives

  • Provide dedicated training and coaching for players of all abilities.
  • Ensure athletes feel that they are doing all that they can to reach their top potential.
  • Provide guidance for the present as well as the future in terms of goals.
  • Focus on individual development rather than "mass production"
  • Create a positive reputation that elicits expansion over time
  • Allow for a well-rounded athlete while still focusing on development of volleyball skills
  • Promote positive life skills such as sportsmanship, respect, and social interaction

Our Mission

We strive to provide a comprehensive training opportunities which allow players to achieve their top potential by providing an atmosphere of mutual respect and communication.

It is important to balance the ability to maintain respect and attention with the ability to promote rapport and communication between a player and coach.  By finding this balance, it leads to a more complete player, and produces a more dynamic winning environment in which the mutual respect between a player and coach results in greater growth.


Hitmen South is launching its inaugural season out in the south suburbs.  Branching off of the highly successful Hitmen VBC out, we look to provide the same quality training to players looking to play in the South suburbs.

Come out and play with us today and grow your game as we grow ours!

Get In Touch

Mailing Address:
115 Alexandra Way
Carol Stream, IL, 60188