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Are you interested in playing volleyball beyond high school? 
If so, you probably have questions on what to expect and how to proceed.

Step # 1: Fill out our athlete questionnaire to have your profile added to our site!

If you are serious about playing in college, we are here to help!  While every athlete might not have the opportunity to play Division I or Division II NCAA Volleyball, there are other options out there!  

#1 Rule: Get your name out there and be persistent!

Coaches can't recruit you if they don't know who you are.  The best way to be noticed is to play on one of our national level teams and compete in the national tournaments as these attract most of the college scouts.

Make sure that you follow up with a college coach and be persistent.  Please keep in mind that there are certain rules that prevent college coaches from contacting you.  Please don't take their lack of response as them not being interested.

So How Do I Get Noticed?

There are many companies on the internet that can aid you in this recruiting process.  The main benefit of these website are that they help you to get noticed as they allow for a large network of coaches to quickly get in contact with you.

Some of these sites require a fee for their services and network, it is NOT required to pay for memberships to these "paid sites" as many coaches prefer that you contact them personally.  We merely list them below as a convenience, whether you are a full member or not they still offer a wealth of information on the recruiting process.

The best way to get noticed ON YOUR OWN is to have video ONLINE that coaches can view of you.  Most coaches will require some sort of skill tape or game footage.  It is important to have your video hosted online (through the websites below, or even YouTube) so that the coaches can easily access your video wherever/whenever they want.

If you are interested in creating game footage and/or a skills tape, you can contact our recruiting coordinator for more information!


The following links can provide a wealth of information to assist you in your search.  Many "services" may require a fee, you should consider this as a convenience, but it often is not required.